How To Reach

Rohtas Fort is located approximately 110 km south-east of Islamabad, 220 km north-west of Lahore, 23km north-west of Jhelum city and 8 km South of Dina from the Grand Trunk (GT) Road.  

Travel time by road from Islamabad is 2 hours and 4 hours from Lahore. 

Where To Stay

On the north side of Fort, Rohtas Resort is located at nice location to provide boarding and lodging facilities to the visitors. This places that 7 guest rooms (three VIP and four standard) to provide accommodation to the visitors. They also large area with facility of camping to accommodate larger groups as well. Besides this a large dinning room and various recreational facilities are also available for the visitors. For details, kindly contact at 0312 4589059.

Visiting Rohtas Fort In a Responsible Manner

When visiting Rohtas Fort, please behave as responsible tourists. Be respectful of your fellow tourists. Do not litter anywhere on site. Packaging and wrappers from any food and drink you consume on site should be collected and disposed off in garbage cans. If a garbage can is not available near you, please collect your trash and carry it with you till you find a garbage can. Please do not write, draw, or carve anything on any part of the site. Vandalism is a punishable offence. By treating our valuable heritage sites with respect and care, we can help preserve them for future generations.