About The Project

Around the world there is now an increased recognition of the involvement of the local community, especially the youth, in the conservation and preservation of their cultural and natural heritage. UNESCO Convention on World Heritage asks for giving heritage a function in the lives of people and enhance the role of community in management and protection of heritage sites through awareness raising and developing economic stakes. 

In Pakistan, there is now growing awareness that the future of Pakistan’s remaining heritage will largely depend on the decisions and actions of the present generation of young people who will soon become the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow. Recognizing these facts, UNESCO Islamabad with the support of Government of Italy has initiated a project focusing on engaging the community and school going youth in safeguarding cultural heritage in the area of Rohtas Fort.  

UNESCO Islamabad wants to achieve this through capacity building of male and female local teachers, engaging the community living close to the Rohtas Fort, general awareness raising through social and electronic media, and developing liaison between the community and Provincial Directorates of Archaeology. 

In order to implement this initiave at Rohtas Fort, UNESCO Pakistan has engaged Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan (STFP) to carry on various activitIes under this initiative. STFP is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to promote the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism in Pakistan. Over the last 15 years it has worked with various government and non-governmental organizations on the projects for the development and promotion of responsible tourism in Pakistan.  

The project aims at enhancing the role of communities and youth in protection of the rich heritage of Pakistan complementing the efforts of the Government(s). The project is based on one of the strategic objectives of the World Heritage Convention, which asks for enhancing the role of communities in heritage protection.  

Focused on the area of Rohtas Fort which is a World Heritage Site located  in District Jehlum, the objectives that will be achieved through the implementation of the project are mentioned below: 

  1. Engage school going youth in safeguarding the cultural heritage through teachers’ capacity building in integrating heritage  into teaching and learning, and resource material development.  
  2. Mobilize the community and youth to safeguard the cultural heritage through capacity building,  promoting heritage entrepreneurship and sustainable heritage tourism.  
  3. Mobilize and bulid the capacity of the concerned Government departments to engage the community to take measures for safeguarding Cultural Heritage.